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Raw Organic Omega 7

RM 260.00

007 is a premix of pure organic sea buckthorn and peptides only (without added excipients/colouring/flavouring/taste enhancers/impurities). Omega 7 is the most miraculous active component in sea buckthorn; it is a novel unsaturated fatty acid that was first discovered by scientists at Harvard Medical School in 2008. Researches have demonstrated that Omega 7 is effective in preventing cardiovascular disease, cholesterol accumulation and lipid deposits in blood vessels, in addition to stimulating mucous membrane regeneration in the ocular, oral, respiratory, intestinal, vaginal and skin tissue. In short, besides protecting our hearts, 007 supports the natural hydration of the skin, mouth and, vaginal, not forgetting that it helps reduce redness, discomfort and inflammation in dry eyes too. Typically, these effects are noticeable in 2-4 weeks.